Juvo Venture's Annual

We recognize the talent inherent in every individual and know that when given the opportunity, everyone has something significant to contribute. As we look back on 2022, we celebrate the more than six million learners we have supported in our four years of existence and highlight how Juvo is leading the way in the following segments: alternative pathways to employment, learner financing, equitable access to opportunity, soft skills, connecting learners through work-based learning, K-12 and career readiness, as well as augmented and virtual reality learning.

Our Portfolio companies serve global learners from the United States, Singapore, Israel, Canada, to India. We express our sincere appreciation to our investors who are mission aligned to improve access, quality, and outcomes with an eye to favorable market returns.

Juvo Management also recognizes the incredible value Western Governors University provides as the General Partner and we celebrate their 25-year anniversary with over 300,000 graduates with impressive key results that shape their decision making. President Pulsipher and Nadeem Syed provide Juvo with guidance and access to subject matter experts in helping to source, diligence, and identify synergies with WGU and its affiliates.

We are proud to support our 23 portfolio companies who have impacted over six million total learners by Q2 2023, dispersed $320 million in total education financing, partnered with nearly 30,000 employers, 1,800 training institutions, higher-ed and school districts, and 100% addressing one or more United Nation Sustainable Developmental Goals. All these great impacts have also enjoyed collective valuation growth and increases.

Our five-year strategic plan encompasses a mission to change lives for the better by creating pathways to opportunity. We have a vision to be the most learner-centric venture fund. Our core belief is in the inherent worth and ability of every founder and learner to transform through the power of education. We work to inspire and enable our founders (and their learners), our people, and ourselves to be better. On behalf our General Partners and our Juvo Management team, we express our sincere appreciation for your interest in our fund and our learner centric focus.

Sean Brown, Managing Director at Juvo Ventures

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